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 My Gift to the World

GREAT NEWS! The much anticipated Million Dollar Server eBook is now available! Join one waiter on his journey from ZERO to HERO as he struggles through the relentless ups and downs of the restaurant industry. Follow him through all of his HILARIOUS mishaps, DEVASTATING terminations and UNBELIEVABLY smooth seductions as he risks life and limb for big tips and exciting adventures. This book is not only a MUST READ for every server in the industry, but is quickly becoming one of the greatest books the restaurant service industry has ever seen. So grab your copy today, what have you got to lose?



Getting Established

I will never forget the night it was pouring rain as my car hurtled down the highway towards a town I had never stepped foot in. It felt like a scene out of that Sin City movie as I got nearer and nearer the darkened city. After a 4-hour drive from Toronto I arrived in Sarnia at my aunt and uncles house, 8:00PM on a Sunday. As soon as I got in the door, I unloaded my bags, threw my dress clothes in the dryer and hopped into the shower. I always  Read More

Finding Your Niche

I drove to Victoria with my best friend, mentor, and fellow server Jason. We had worked together at both a restaurant and a nightclub back home in Belleville and were now moving our lives out west where we planned to meet up with our mutual friend; Gord. As soon as Jason and I had arrived on the island we went straight to our selected restaurant; where I show... Read More

Product Knowledge

Stephanie and I had met while we were serving at our first restaurant back in Belleville Ontario. She was very sweet, incredibly beautiful, and we were both recently single and looking for someone to party with, so I suppose our hooking up was inevitable. What I didn’t expect however was for her to move in with me when I came home from BC and for us to date for over a year afterwards. But there we were, not even...  Read More